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Carb Focus

Carb focuses on limiting the amount of simple carbohydrates eaten, helping your body burn the right type of fuel. With Sugar Smart, you’ll prioritize a low sugar diet to help make the change.

Meal Planning | Simple Recipes w/ Grocery List

William Thorpe


FitPro Coach

Jennifer N. Health and Wellness Coaching Sep 25, 2019                      Verified Brenda L. Just started working out with BBC and it has been an amazing change with my body in such a short time. He's patient and funny with his exercise routines. Can't wait to see my body in 90 days! Excited! Oct 8, 2015 Sauntray M. I am enjoying the work outs, the one on one keeps you in tuned to what your body needs. The exercise is geared to you and he he encourage you to keep up the good work.                                       Sep 29, 2015's reply Sauntray is a joy to work with. She understands why we train and modify each workout to get the most calories burned in the most efficient way possible.                                  Thanks Cheeko Tammy H. 

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